A well-defined project is a project with the highest potential for success completion.

Unfortunately, the project definition step is one that is often neglected and therefore the cause of most project problems. Properly defining a project means clearly explaining what you want to do, how you want to do it, what time frame you want it to be done in, within what budget and dependent upon which well-defined constraints.

A project is a set of documents that usually consists of a Project description, a Project, Tasks, Deliverables, Risks documents and so on. To define a project using Geniusproject, at a minimum the “Project description” must be created.

There are several ways to create a project:

Create a project using the Project Wizard. It is intended to streamline the project creation process. The project leader uses a single interface to fill in the main project data.
Create with the Project Wizard using a Project template. This is a powerful way to inherit a predefined project structure including your best practices. See “Project templates” for a better understanding of this feature.
Copy a project that already exists.
Promote a Project request into a “Project description” in a “Projects” database. See the “Project request” chapter for more information.
Promote an Assignment into a new project. This is a useful feature when a task assigned to someone has to be managed as a project by this resource, because of its complexity.
Using Geniusproject’s Project wizard will always create at least the following three records:

The Project description, containing the most important project information. It is also commonly referred to as the “Project charter”.
The Project plan, a Gantt chart to plan the project.
The Project budget to define allocated financial resources, and depending on the setup and usage, also the expected income.
All these elements will be defined in details below.

The Project Creation Wizard::::

Geniusproject’s Project Creation Wizard has been designed to simplify the user’s project creation experience by walking them step by step through the process and ensuring they do not leave out any critical creation steps.

The Project Creation Wizard quickly captures important project information, but more can be entered using the Project description form.

To use the project wizard:

Navigate to the Projects tab on the Module navigation menu.
Select New Project from the contextual navigation.